Our Philosophy & Family

Our dogs are our family. When we decided to open Dogtown we wanted to create a place where we would want our dogs to go. We used our years of working hands-on with dogs and our experience with our own dogs to create a totally cageless, free-roaming atmosphere.

But that alone was not enough. We wanted a place that the people caring for our dogs could give individualized attention. We wanted to focus on the quality of care.

This is why we made Dogtown a small and intimate facility that caters to a small group of dogs. This is why our staff knows your dogs name, knows what they eat, what their favorite game is and how they get along with others and people. Our staff is a wonderful and caring group of dog lovers. They joined our family with prior experience either working with dogs or volunteering at shelters/rescues. From our groomers to our front desk. Each and every one of us is passionate about dogs and we’re excited to get to know yours!


Favorite Dog: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Favorite part of working at Dogtown:¬†Being surrounded by doggies all day ūüôā

Favorite movie with a Dog: Lady and the Tramp, Best in Show


Favorite Dog: Pugs and Pitbulls

Favorite part of working at Dogtown: Getting to know all the dogs that come in.

Favorite movie with a Dog: Best In Show because it’s really funny and All Dogs Go To Heaven was one of my favorites while growing up.


Favorite Dog: Pitbulls

Favorite Part of working at Dogtown: Dogtown is not only where I work but also a family.

Favorite Movie with a Dog:¬†‘All Dogs Go To Heaven’, one of my childhood favorites.

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We are here for you and your furry family!

Want to know more about us or have any questions? Bark us over a message!
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