Whether you’re celebrating with family or just a cozy night at home with your pup, you’re probably wondering if it’s ok to share some of that turkey with your furry best friend. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts when having your doggo partake in the Thanksgiving Day feast.


In the article, “6 Thanksgiving Treats You Can Share with Your Pets!” by Dr. Justine A. Lee, DVM, DACVECC she warns that of a higher risk of poisoning in dogs during the holiday “..that’s because they often get into the delectable human foods while table or counter-surfing!” If your dog cannot be trusted around food best to keep them away or crated. She says as long as your dog is healthy there is no reason they can’t enjoy small treats. She recommends turkey breast, plain veggies, bread, cheese and salmon.

So what should you avoid? In the article “Read This Before Sharing Holiday Leftovers With Your Dog” from the website canigivemydog.com they recommend avoiding turkey skin as it’s highly fatty and a choking hazard. They also say to stay away from giving your dog turkey bones as they can splinter internally. “Your family will have different types of Thanksgiving and Christmas leftover dishes. The point is be mindful of ingredients and be conservative when feeding a dog leftovers. Play it safe.”


  • It’s safe for your healthy dog to enjoy certain foods as “treats” in moderation.
  • Turkey breast, plain veggies, bread, cheese and salmon are good treats.
  • Avoid turkey skin and bones.


There you have it. If your dog isn’t going to binge eat the dinner table, there is no reason why you can’t share a bit of the holiday joy with them.


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