Dog Day Care Miami

Intimate Groups Socialize and Free Roam All Day. Our Dog Day Care Miami Programs Includes an Outdoor Walk, Daily.

Dog Day Care Miami Highlights

Go ahead! Spoil your pup rotten. We won’t judge.

Pass Holder Perks

10 Day Pass

  • $32.50/day

30 Day Pass

  • $30.00/day

60 Day Pass

  • $27.50/day

Daycare Unlimited

dog day care Miami

book a playdate buy a pass bi-weekly monthly

Daycare passes and Daycare Unlimited are non-refundable. Doggies in daycare must be fully vaccinated and meet our eligibility requirements (more information here).

Please be aware that any dogs that have not been picked up by 7:30 pm will be checked into our hotel at owners expense and cannot be picked up until the next day after opening.