Five-Day Extensive Leash Training Program

Struggling on dog walks? Whether it’s constant tugging or your pup charging towards others, it can be frustrating. Our Daycare + Leash Training program can help! We’ll teach both you and your pup how to walk properly on a leash so you can enjoy your walks together even more. Say goodbye to stressful walks and hello to smoother, more enjoyable strolls just around the corner.

Enjoyable walks.

We are committed to making your walks a breeze.

Also available in Hotel

Our Leash Training Program is also available in Hotel. Click here to learn more.


We carefully crafted a leash training course with our customer's requests in mind. You wanted gentle, effective techniques that are easy to learn and implement and simple to do independently. You also asked for it to work into your busy schedules.

We got you.


We put our 15 years of experience to work and consulted with top pros to create a highly effective course. With Dogtown's DAYCARE + LEASH SKILLS program, you will be on your way to peaceful, enjoyable walks in no time.


Your dog learns best when they've had the opportunity to expel some energy. This is why our DAYCARE + LEASH SKILLS program is so effective. They play in Miami's most engaging daycare program and then have their lessons, maximizing the impact of the lessons.

Your pups get the bonus of learning social skills and participating in awesome events like water play, which are available only at Dogtown.


Training becomes effortless with our two convenient locations, offering flexibility for drop-offs in the early morning and pickups late at night.

5-Day Program, Monday - Friday.

Program includes:

  • Daily one-on-one training sessions with your dog.
  • Daily reporting to understand what is being taught and what you can do at home to reinforce skills.
  • A full day of daycare.
  • A clicker, treat pouch, 6' leash, and harness for at-home use.
  • Participating in engagement activities, such as Waterplay Wednesday (Brickell location).
  • Private invite-only support Facebook group.

We recommend an initial week of DAYCARE + LEASH SKILLS and a refresher week between 2-4 weeks after.