Transform Your Dog’s Behavior with Positive Reward-based Click Training in Miami


Your dog will learn: Sit. Stay. Come. Leave it.

Ten-Day Extensive Obedience Training Program

Welcome to Miami’s premier dog training program! At Dogtown, we specialize in positive reward-based click training, designed to foster good manners and strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend. Our two-week comprehensive training program focuses on teaching essential commands such as sit, stay, come, and leave it, ensuring your dog’s obedience and enhancing your relationship.

The Science Behind Positive Reinforcement

Discover the power of positive reinforcement and clicker training in shaping your dog’s behavior. Learn how our approach promotes effective communication and long-term obedience.

Why Choose Us?

Find out what sets our training program apart. From experienced trainers to personalized attention, explore the reasons why Dogtown is the top choice for dog owners in Miami.

Our Training Methodology

Week One: Building Foundations Embark on a journey of learning as we guide your dog through the fundamentals of obedience training. From charging the clicker to mastering the sit command, lay the groundwork for success.

Week Two: Advanced Training Techniques Take your dog's training to the next level with advanced commands and seamless transitions. Strengthen obedience skills and conquer challenges with our expert guidance.


Your dog learns best when they've had the opportunity to expel some energy. This is why our Good Manners program is so effective. They play in Miami's most engaging daycare program and then have their lessons, maximizing the impact of the lessons.

Your pups get the bonus of learning social skills and participating in awesome events like water play, which are available only at Dogtown.


Training becomes effortless with our two convenient locations, offering flexibility for drop-offs in the early morning and pickups late at night.

You will be informed every step of the way with daily, detailed reports and easy-to-follow instructions on what to do at home.

10-Day Program

Two Consecutive Weeks, Monday - Friday.

Program includes:

  • Daily one-on-one training sessions with your dog.
  • Daily reporting to understand what is being taught and what you can do at home to reinforce skills.
  • A full day of daycare.
  • A clicker and treat pouch.
  • Participating in engagement activities, such as Waterplay Wednesday (Brickell location).
  • Private invite-only support Facebook group.

We recommend an initial session and then a refresher session between 2-4 weeks after.