Dog Wellness

Our comprehensive wellness services are tailored to ensure the lifelong well-being of our furry friends. Step into our serene Zen Room, a peaceful space designed especially for dogs, where we provide various beneficial services to support our best friends at every stage of life.

Professional Pet Dental

We provide superior cosmetic dental cleaning without anesthesia for your dogs. You get the same perfectly cleaned and polished teeth you expect with any cleaning but with absolutely no anesthesia or any sedative.

Pet Dental services are available monthly at our Grove location and every other month in Brickell.

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Professional Dog Massage

Specializing in preventative and clinical massage rehabilitation therapy. Treating painful symptoms of arthritis, hip dysplasia, muscle atrophy, tendinitis, sprains & strains, CCL / ACL tears, deep muscle soreness, and back pains.

Our massage services are available monthly at our Brickell location.

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