Your dog’s breath is rank and you can’t stand to have them even breathe near you? I’ve been there. I had two adopted dogs, they ate the same thing. One had pearly whites and normal breath. The other had crusty teeth and her breath was like she ate a 10-day old fish carcass. Although anecdotal this situation made me pretty confident that a dietary change was not the solution. I’m Anai Fonte and with over a decade working with canines and my own furry babies I am going to share with you some real, practical solutions to gnarly dog mouth.

It’s important to understand when it’s simply a hygiene issue or something that requires veterinary care. Pet WebMD recommends that you seek veterinary advice if your dog has other issues along with bad breath. For example, if they’re also experiencing excessive drooling, loss of appetite, loose teeth, inflamed or cysts on the gums. They also recommend not feeding your dog table foods. (

The best way to achieve a clean, fresh mouth is through a professional dental cleaning service. Professional pet dental company, Healthy Smiles, suggests periodic thorough cleanings that include plaque removal and cleaning under the gumline. Thankfully companies like theirs provide this service completely free of harsh anesthetics. This is what I did with my pup every 6 months. However, I found that around 3 months her breath started getting bad again. The technician had recommended we brush daily. I brushed daily… for the first week.

Brushing your dog’s teeth daily is tough. I can hardly get in time to brush my own hair daily. If you’re like me, this is how I maintained my dogs super clean mouth.

  1. I did a professional dental cleaning every 6 months or at most once a year.
  2. Daily brushing wasn’t happening. I used an enzymatic oral rinse every day or every other day. It’s a squirt bottle and super quick. This is the one I use, Vetoquinol Dentahex Pet Oral Hygiene Rinse, 8oz
  3. I stopped all soft treats and food. I was getting the additional benefit of mostly feeding hard foods that helped scrape teeth.

Doing these things were easy and my dogs teeth were always bright and clean. Furthermore I accepted kisses on my face which my dog just couldn’t get enough of.

Have questions regarding your pets dental health? We’re happy to help. Send me a message! We also offer professional non-anesthetic dental cleanings twice a month. More information on this service here.

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